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Step into a realm where art transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, inviting you to explore the captivating stories woven within each stroke.


Experience the soulful resonance of artistic expression, where colors and forms breathe life into emotions, creating a dialogue that speaks to your heart.

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Uncover the magic where dreams take shape, captured on canvas with every brush of creativity. Embark on a journey that ignites inspiration and fuels imagination.


High Performance Gallery (HPG)

Welcome to the vibrant world of artistic expression, where cultures converge and creativity knows no bounds. We are a beacon of unity and inspiration, a London-based gallery that transcends mere physical spaces to create a haven for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts worldwide.

High Performance Gallery, lovingly known as “HP Gallery” or “HPG”, was founded by visionary British entrepreneur Meghdad Mostafaei. From our very inception, we set out with a unique mission — to breathe life into the realms of art, transcending geographical barriers and unifying diverse narratives under the grand umbrella of creativity. With our roots firmly grounded in London (#07587807 registered in England & Wales), we have spread our wings to become an international artistic hub.

Our journey began as a gallery and art agency with a focus on booking international artists and hosting galleries and auctions events that resonated locally and reverberated globally. Over time, this journey evolved, guided by our unwavering passion for art and a burning desire to celebrate its myriad forms. With this fervour at our core, we have seamlessly transitioned into a gallery that is not just a space, but an experience.

In the heart of London, a city pulsating with history and innovation, we have carved out a sanctuary where artistic visions come alive. Our curation is more than a collection; it’s a tapestry woven with stories from around the world. From the intricate brushstrokes of traditional masterpieces to the bold strokes of contemporary marvels, we curate with an eye for cultural threads that bind us all.

Themes are our muse. They provide the framework for us to transcend boundaries, invite artists globally, and unravel the beauty of unity through diversity. As London’s creative pulse, we beckon talents to our themed shows, where artists from diverse corners of the world converge. These shows aren’t just exhibitions; they’re conversations between colors, forms, and perspectives, orchestrated on the canvas of human imagination.

In every stroke and in every display, we are more than a gallery; we are a gateway. A gateway to a realm where artists are more than creators; they are storytellers. Through our carefully curated exhibitions, we become the bridge connecting these narratives to the discerning hearts of collectors and enthusiasts. As the world turns its gaze towards London, a cultural epicentre, we stand as a conduit, channeling the spirit of art to every corner of the globe.

Our journey is one of evolution, unity, and boundless creativity. With each step forward, we celebrate the artists who make our walls come alive, the collectors who give artworks new homes, and the art enthusiasts who find their spirits stirred within our space. This is not just a gallery; it’s a testament to the enduring power of art to transcend, transform, and unite.

Join us in this artistic odyssey where themes become whispers of unity, where artists thrive, and where the global art narrative finds its most profound resonance. Join our world, where the canvas is limitless, and creativity knows no bounds.


Art in Action, Bidding for Masterpieces

Engage in the thrill of live bidding as iconic artworks come to life on our auction floor, uniting collectors in the pursuit of artistic treasures.

  • Live Auction
    Live Auction
    Step into the thrilling world of art in motion as masterpieces Find new homes through the excitement of live bidding.
  • Online Auction
    Online Auction
    Embark on a virtual journey through an array of artworks, where your next treasure awaits a simple click away.
  • Auction Viewing
    Auction Viewing
    Unveil the essence of artistry in person, as brushstrokes & stories merge in an up-close encounter with our auction previews.
  • Learning & Lectures
    Learning & Lectures
    Expand your horizons through captivating lectures and workshops, where art transforms into a gateway for exploration.
  • Loan Exhibition
    Loan Exhibition
    Witness the fusion of cultures & narratives as we proudly showcase borrowed artworks, creating a tapestry of creativity.
  • Selling Exhibition
    Selling Exhibition
    Step into a realm where art finds its voice in exhibitions that celebrate both creators and collectors, forging new journeys.

Event Management & Production Services

Discover the Gallery

Unveil a world of artistic wonders as you explore our curated collection, ranging from timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary pieces.

Choose Your Favorites

Select the artworks that resonate with you, building a personalized collection that reflects your unique taste and artistic vision.

Bid or Buy

Engage in the excitement of live or online auctions, where you can place bids or make direct purchases to add exquisite pieces to your collection.

Artwork Viewing

Immerse yourself in the stories behind the art. Attend our auction previews to get up close with the masterpieces, igniting your passion and curiosity.

Artistic Insights

Expand your understanding through our enriching workshops and lectures, where art experts and creators share their knowledge and passion.

Private Sales Experience

Experience the world of private sales, where limited series and exclusive exhibitions come to life with our meticulous management and global reach.

Artist Collaborations

Discover opportunities to collaborate with artists for custom commissions or unique projects, adding your personal touch to the realm of artistic expression.


Elevate Artistry Beyond Boundaries

Step into our exclusive realm of Private Sales, a curated haven where innovation and brilliance converge. We offer a platform for emerging and renowned artists alike, bringing their limited series and private exhibitions to the global stage.

Our mission is to provide artists with a dynamic avenue to showcase their creativity in unconventional ways. Whether it’s a limited series by a new talent or an exclusive collection by a celebrated artist, we facilitate the creation of unique exhibitions that captivate the world’s attention. Through our expertise, we help artists manifest their vision anywhere on the globe, whether they are present or not. From securing venues and licenses to overseeing the intricate logistics, we ensure every detail is impeccably executed, allowing artists to focus on what they do best – creating extraordinary art.

At the heart of our Private Sales lies a commitment to authenticity and innovation. With a meticulous approach, we curate experiences that invite collectors, enthusiasts, and art aficionados to delve into the depths of artistic expression. These limited-time exhibitions are a celebration of art’s transformative power, bridging cultures, perspectives, and visions. From inception to realization, we are the architects behind these ephemeral galleries, giving artists the freedom to share their creations with the world.

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Unveiling the Minds Behind the Masterpieces