Meghdad Mostafaei, FCIM & MBA
Founder & Director

Meghdad Mostafaei stands at the helm of HP Events, not just as its founder and director but as its driving force and visionary leader. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning nearly two decades, Meghdad’s name is synonymous with event excellence on a global scale.

His journey in the world of events, production, and marketing began with a strong educational foundation. Armed with an MBA, Meghdad didn’t stop there. He pursued and achieved a distinguished Fellowship at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM), a testament to his commitment to the intricate art of marketing and its ever-evolving landscape. But what truly sets Meghdad apart is his hands-on experience and expertise in the legal and licensing spheres of event management. These skills, often overlooked, are crucial in navigating the complex labyrinth of international events — and they have been instrumental in HP Events’ impeccable track record.

Over the years, Meghdad has cultivated collaborations with High Profile international artists and global superstars. These partnerships have not only elevated HP Events’ reputation but have also paved the way for ground-breaking and memorable events that attendees cherish long after the curtains fall.

Beyond the glitz & glamour of events, Meghdad’s leadership is rooted in a profound respect for his team, collaborators & clients. He believes in the power of relationship-building and this philosophy is evident in the long-standing partnerships and repeat collaborations that HP Events enjoys.

Today, as HP Events continues to scale new heights and set industry benchmarks, Meghdad Mostafaei remains its beating heart — constantly innovating, relentlessly pursuing perfection, and always ensuring that every event is not just successful, but spectacular.